Varicose phlebectasia of an esophagus

This disease originates at patients c liver diseases (a cirrhosis or liver swellings, at a thrombophlebitis of hepatic veins, portal vein prelums) more often.

At pathoanatomical probe discover amplate crimp veins. The mucosa over veins more often istonchena, can be inflamed, erozirovana.

After the strong bleedings of a vein are rolled off, owing to what the bore from which one there was a bleeding, happens often imperceptible.

Disease is customary before bleeding originating flows asymptomatically or with insignificant symptoms (unsharply expressed offensive feels mi at swallowing, a heartburn) which one fade into the background of implications of the main travail (a cirrhosis or a canker of a liver, a cordial decompensation, etc.).

The varicose phlebectasia can be discovered at a X-ray inspection. Safer data can be gained at esophagoscopy (visual inspection of an esophagus by means of the special instrument).

Flow is spotted by a basic disease. The most frequent complication – an acute esophageal bleeding.

Differential preliminary treatment should be led with an oesophagitis (esophagitis), an esophagus swelling. The esophageal bleeding can be caused also a round ulcer of the esophagus, a decomposing swelling.

Treatment has the purpose to eliminate threat of an esophageal bleeding. In rare instances it is attained by effective treatment of a basic disease, in the same events when it is impossible, recommend operative treatment.

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